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The Man of the Future: Working Smarter not Harder

The Man of the Future: Working Smarter not Harder

  • Barb
  • Dec 19 2017

The Man of the Future: Working Smarter not Harder

By: Dr. Jake Filkins

Is anyone else a big fan of Mike Rowe? I love that the man spent years shedding light to the “Dirty Jobs” in America; jobs I could not ever imagine even existed. Even though his show is no longer airing, he is still pushing for the awareness (and importance) of trade jobs. This article is for the men whose jobs require physical labor, although, anyone reading this can benefit.

With the majority of the “Dirty Jobs” being done by men, why are the rates of heart disease and diabetes still outpacing women? Shouldn’t men be healthier due the increase activity at work? I think of my father who gets 3000 steps a day walking around the steel plant. The reality is that an active job, although helpful, is not enough exercise alone. We at Inver Grove Chiropractic love to sing the praises of those who are constantly active through the day. But are the steps enough? The American Heart Association recommends 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity or 75 minutes a day of vigorous activity a week.  The man of the future carves out time in his day to maintain his health. Exercise smarter AND harder.

As we discussed two weeks ago, men statistically have a higher mortality rate than women in eight of the ten leading causes of death. The man the future takes his diet to heart (pun intended). Meal planning, rather than eating out of the vending machine, or swinging through McDonalds, will increase energy, mood, and longevity. I think of my best friends who are welders, maintenance mechanics, and plumbers. They work hard every day, and then come home to a six-pack of beer and the couch. However, the man of the future drinks water at work rather than soda during breaks. He drinks alcohol in moderation. The man of the future preps healthy meals. Diet smarter not harder.

OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) was established in 1971 to ensure safety in the workplace. Employers are mandated to cover safety in the workplace, and advise how to work safer. As boring as these meetings may seem, they are for your benefit, and we need to start listening. Ergonomics, or the relationship between the human body and the tools it uses, is an ever-growing field. The man of the future will embrace this as a way to prolong his career. As we talked about in our previous blog, the longevity gap is widening. As modern medicine advances, shouldn’t this be shrinking?  Work smarter not harder.

The man of the future bucks the trends of the previous decades and makes the changes now to hit the next decade in stride.