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Boston Heart Labs

Boston Heart Labs

  • Barb
  • Feb 19 2018

Boston Heart Labs

Dr. Amy Crain

Why is getting Boston Heart Labs test something everyone should consider doing? Because heart disease still claims one out of every three deaths in the United States! Getting your blood tested is a great way to assess your risks of heart disease. The best strategy to prevent and manage heart disease is to understand your risk and embrace a heart-healthy lifestyle. For more information on cardiovascular disease visit the Boston Heart’s website.

How is Boston Heart different? They give a more in-depth panel. Information from traditional cholesterol screening tests provides basic screening information, but research indicates that lipid panel testing alone does not predict your risk of a cardiovascular disease event.

  • Clinical trials have shown that lowering LDL cholesterol reduces the risk for a cardiovascular event by only 25% on average, meaning that standard drug therapy fails to address 75% of a patient’s remaining or residual risk for cardiovascular events.
  • Additionally, hospital admission data indicates that at least half the people who have had a heart attack had “normal” LDL cholesterol levels.

Dr. Ross and I use Boston Heart for our patients because research and science have advanced technology, which goes far beyond standard cholesterol screening to accurately determine your individual risk of heart disease. We are better able to give our patient's lifestyle modifications that are custom to their needs. There are 4 tests that get run to assess your risk:

  • HDL Map test- Tells us the particle sizes of your HDL
  • Cholesterol Balance test- Tells us if you are over-producing or over absorbing cholesterol
  • Prediabetes Assessment-Helps identify if you are at risk of developing diabetes within the next 10 years
  • Fatty Acid Balance test- Assesses the different kinds of fats in your diet along with your omega-3 and omega-6 levels.
  • Other tests available- Thyroid panel, liver, and kidney function panel, Vitamin D assessment, inflammation markers, hormone, and genetic panels.

Dr. Ross and I use these labs to come up with a tailored wellness program to help change your physiology and biochemistry to reduce your risk or heart disease. Our 8 Weeks to Wellness program is allowing us to help our patients on a whole new level. Our patients are our family and we want to help everyone be the best version of themselves and live long HAPPY lives! Ask us what our wellness program and Boston Heart labs can do for you!