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Dr. Jake’s Personal Cortisol Story

Dr. Jake’s Personal Cortisol Story

  • staff
  • Apr 16 2018

Dr. Jake’s Personal Cortisol Story

I have been taking Cortisol Pro for two and a half weeks now and I am thrilled to tell you all about the benefits I have received. It has been a hectic couple week leading up to the birth of my baby boy, and so I started taking Cortisol Pro to see if it could help me manage the psychological weight of everything.

The reality is that everyone has stressors in one way or another. Subluxations come from one of three ways:

  • Physical stress (the external demands on our body)
  • Toxic stress (what we eat, drink, and absorb from the environment)
  • Emotional/mental stress (our thoughts and feelings)

Cortisol, an l adrenal hormone, is released in response to perceived stress—the more stressed you are, the more cortisol is released. Cortisol transitions the body to a heightened alert and agitated state, essentially your survival response. While this is useful in moments of real crisis, our body begins to suffer when cortisol levels remain elevated for extended periods of time.

This supplement helps regulate cortisol levels in the body as well as helping with fatigue, mental clarity, and promotes relaxed and restful sleep. Taking Cortisol Pro allows the body to down regulate and put the nervous system in a more homeostatic balance.

Supplementing with Cortisol Pro has made an enormous difference in the support of my emotional stress. Being a Type A personality, and wanting to have input and control over everything, Cortisol Pro has afforded me the mental clarity to prioritize the truly important things over my stressors. 

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