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Thursday, 15 February 2018 20:42

Walking is good for your Heart

By Josh Williams, Personal Trainer

OK, so you’re not much into running? Or maybe you’ve had an injury and can’t run. Then just walk — every step you take is part of your journey to good heart health. In fact, according to a new study conducted at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Life Science Division in Berkley, CA., walking briskly can lower your risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes as much as running! All three conditions are risk factors for heart disease and stroke — and you can do something about them.

Walking in 10-minute increments -- especially walking briskly on a regular basis -- improves your fitness. As you continue your walking, lung capacity increases, your resting heart rate may decrease and muscles becoming stronger. Walking counts as a weight-bearing exercise because you're moving your own weight when you walk. Taking regular walks for 10 minutes helps to maintain bone density, which decreases your risk of fractures.

Making a habit of taking 10-minute walks works well for people who have been inactive or who are not strong enough for prolonged or strenuous exercise. Walking in 10-minute increments gets you started with physical activity if you tend to put off exercise because you think you don't have time for it. Taking a 10-minute walk when you go out to get the paper, at lunch, or after dinner gives you a quick and easy way to start improving not only heart health but overall health. Before you know it, brisk walking can become a part of your daily routine. And you’ll reap plenty of benefits.

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