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Wednesday, 31 January 2018 16:16

Super Bowl LII and Chiropractic Care

With the Super Bowl just days away, we have seen a lot of athletes talking about what it takes to make it in professional athletics. Maintaining strength and preventing injuries seems to dominate the conversation. Of particular interest, chiropractic care has become routine in the NFL.  Since 2002, when a mere 33% of NFL teams reported having a team chiropractor, the prevalence of chiropractic care throughout the NFL has skyrocketed. Today, all 32 NFL teams have local chiropractors on-site to treat players actively recovering or as a preventative measure.

If the NFL feels so strongly about the benefits of chiropractic for its’ players, why shouldn’t you feel confident in how can help your young athletes? No matter the sport, here are just a few of the ways chiropractic care can help to keep your kids on the field & prevent sports injuries throughout the season!

General Maintenance

Players frequently receive adjustments after a tough practice to combat general pain that may stem from a tough practice or general physical exertion. Although they aren’t necessarily injured, sometimes there is just the normal pain that goes along with the life of being an athlete. Chiropractic care simply helps to keep their body functioning correctly day in & day out!

Injury Prevention

Across sports in general, there is a known direct correlation between regular chiropractic care and a decrease in sports injuries. Athletes who are treated experience improved mobility; which is also linked directly to injury prevention. In addition to increased mobility, getting adjusted can increase strength; another factor directly related to sports injury prevention.

Pain Relief

A contributing factor in this recent trend toward chiropractic care within NFL circles is the acceptance of its’ pain management qualities. Adjustments have been shown to relieve headaches and particularly those that stem from neck pain or head injuries. It has also been used as a pain management tool when combating shoulder, ankle, or knee pain in instances of strains or sprains.

Increase Strength and Endurance

For athletes who are in training, chiropractic has been linked to muscle strength. While many people associate chiropractic with pain management or pain relief, few are aware of its benefits as they pertain to promoting muscle growth. Increased strength, combined with increased mobility, is a winning combination when trying to avoid sports injury. On a related note, adjustments have also shown to help in the development of increased muscle endurance and stamina!

If your kids are playing football, soccer, baseball, softball, or any other sport, the best way to avoid sports injuries is chiropractic! At Inver Grove Chiropractic, our chiropractors, fitness trainers, massage therapists and nutrition counselors work with each patient, to design a comprehensive treatment plan based on the patient's specific needs. All of our sports chiropractors are very experienced in treating youth and adult athletes.

Between our Functional Movement Screenings, on-site X-Rays, and chiropractic adjustments, you won’t find another local chiropractor in the Inver Grove Heights area that offers the all-inclusive care you’ll receive at Inver Grove Chiropractic.

Contact our clinic at (651) 451-1012 or shoot us an email here to find out if chiropractic care can help restore your health, improve your performance, and increase your competitive edge!

Excerpted from: D. Altomare, 2016 

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