Inver Grove Chiropractic Newsletter April 2018

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Newsletter n°64 | May 2018


Hello Visitor,
Ahhhhh...Spring has Sprung!

April brings wonderful treats here in the Bold North. As the snow melts, we begin to emerge from our dark and quiet world into a riot of sounds, colors, and experiences. For some of us, this is a welcome relief. For others it may bring the stress of dealing with seasonal allergies, fear of critters, or feeling overwhelmed by the outdoor chores. It is fitting that April is National Stress Awareness Month. Please enjoy our two very personal blogs on stress this month. 

This month, we also celebrate Earth Day. This year, we brought awareness to the environmental toxins and pollutants that effect our health and gave patients helpful advice on how we can protect our health and protect the planet. 

Last, (but not least) we congratulate Dr. Jake and his amazing wife on the birth of their healthy son Daniel Thomas! 

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Latest from the Healthy Lifestyles Blog


Stressful Spring!?!

Frozen Fishing Opener by Terrie Davis
This has been a very Stressful Spring!! Spring? Where? The weather has made us feel so up and down. We keep wondering if it will ever come and if it will stay. This morning's forecast prediction: rain Thursday and snow by Saturday…really?!?!! We all need some cheering up and so, here are some of my way to try and deal with this Stressful Spring: Keep your window...Read More

Dr. Jake’s Personal Cortisol Story

Cortisol Pro Dr. Jake’s Personal Cortisol Story
I have been taking Cortisol Pro for two and a half weeks now and I am thrilled to tell you all about the benefits I have received. It has been a hectic couple week leading up to the birth of my baby boy, and so I started taking Cortisol Pro to see if it could help me manage the psychological weight of everything.
The reality is that everyone has...Read More


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Dr. Amy talking about babies getting Adjusted!

Dr. Amy Talking about why baby Tyler is getting adjusted!Read More


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