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Newsletter n°56 | May 2018



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September is Kids Health Month

September always reminds us that kids are back in school. That's the good news, right? September brings shorter, cooler days and challenges of how to make the most of the school year. This month we focus on Kids Health. Particularly important is the increased incidence of "text-neck" which intern Jake talks about in the blog. He also gives us  ideas some ideas about how to properly wear a school backpack. Come in this month and bring the kiddos with their backpacks--Dr. Ross and Jake will assess the fit and function of your child/teens backpack. 

Latest from the Healthy Lifestyles Blog


Back to School Posture

As our kids kick off another school year, it is a great time to refocus on their posture and what can be done to maintain it. As they head back to the buses, these simple modifications can go a long way for their posture.
Text Neck
Technology Advances: More and more schools have a one-to-one electronic device to a student every year....Read More

Healthy Kids Supplements

PhytoMulti Kids Healthy Kids Back to School

We know that when it comes to our kids, the purity and safety of supplements is the main concern. That is why we recommend Metagenics® line of supplements for children’s health. As the kiddos head back to school, we want to encourage you to talk with Drs Ross and Amy about which supplements are right for your kids. Below is a list of the most commonly...Read More


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Construction Update

Dr. Ross gives a guided tour of the new facility We hope you will excuse the mess while the progress on the build-out continues. Dr. Ross walks us through the new space. It is really beginning to take shape. 

What Our heroes Have to Say


Super Bowl LII and Chiropractic Care

Jerry Rice talks about his personal success with chiropractic care Super Bowl LII and Chiropractic Care
With the Super Bowl just days away, we have seen a lot of athletes talking about what it takes to make it in professional athletics. Maintaining strength and preventing injuries seems to dominate the conversation. Of particular interest, chiropractic care has become routine in the NFL.  Since 2002, when a mere 33% of NFL teams reported having...Read More

Client Testimonial on Nursed Children's Adjustments and Personal Sports Results

Lindsay talks about her and her children's experience with chiropractic and why they love getting adjusted!Read More

14 year old talks about how Chiropractic helped her neck pain

14 year old Maya talks about her neck pain that started in sports and continued for a few years, until now! The longer you wait to get something fixed the longer it takes to fix it! If you feel like you need your nervous system checked, please call us at 651-451-1012!Read More

15 year old student athlete struggling with headaches gets relief with chiropractic

Molly is a 15 year old student athlete who has been struggling with headaches and migraines for a long time. She talks a little bit about her story and how great she is doing since getting adjusted! If you know anyone who is stuggling like Molly was, please have them contact us at 651-451-1012!Read More