Invitation to 8WW Event

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Newsletter n°58 | May 2018



Hello Visitor,
We want to share an exciting, life-changing program with you.

For years we have been searching for the best program for wellness...not just for our patients, but also for our staff, and our family. We have seen too many people whose chronological age was increasing every year but who manage to stay young despite it... not just looking young, but living an active, vibrant life. We knew we would not be satisfied with anything less.
We have reviewed hundreds of programs, looking for one that incorporated all of the necessary components of true health, not just weight loss—weight loss is not health. We all know plenty of skinny, unhealthy people.  

I am happy to tell you that our search has paid off. After investing a lot of hard work, energy, and money, the 8 Weeks to Wellness program will be available here, at Inver Grove Chiropractic, for you. Our office is currently the only place in the area to offer the program.
Why are we so excited? Because, 8 Weeks to Wellness incorporates the essential parts of a healthy lifestyle in a supportive environment to ensure success:
  • Nutrition: you have to have the right fuel. We will show you what, when, where and how to eat, and we will and hold you accountable. You will receive an 8 week eating plan and nutritional supplements tailored to your blood work. You can only get these high quality supplements from a doctor.
  • Chiropractic: without a healthy nervous system and a functioning muscle system you cannot be healthy or exercise at your highest potential.
  • Personal Training: How many gym memberships, pieces of home exercise equipment have you purchased? Our personal trainers will push you harder, quicker, and more efficiently than you thought ever possible.
  • Massage: It reduces stress and soothes sore muscles. You might not be think you need this, but wait until you start moving like you have never before.
  • Meditation: a quiet/highly functional mind is necessary for a health.
We believe that without any one of these components you cannot be truly healthy. If you are looking to get into true health, nothing will get you there quicker. Give us 8 weeks and we will change the rest of your life.

Here is what you need to do. Attend the introduction and dinner on January 11th at 6:30 in the new Functional Fitness Center at:
        Inver Grove Chiropractic
        2940 65th St. E.
        Inver Grove Heights, MN 55076 

The event is free but you must register call the office 651-451-1012. Or click here to use Eventbrite to reserve your seat  

We look forward to seeing you!
Ross and Amy Crain, D.C.