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Newsletter n°61 | May 2018


Hello Visitor,
Spring is here (finally) and we are energized and ready to throw open the doors and windows!

This month, we are focusing on Nutrition. Please consider joining us for a healthy dinner at Mississippi Pub on April 17th. We will be presenting information to help you eat, move, think and sleep better. The event is free but you must register, either by contacting us or clicking here. Also, check out our latest blogs which contain some interesting ideas about nutrition. 

If you haven't been in lately, come in and check out the new office. We have expanded and remodeled the entire space to make every visit a fantastic wellness experience . 

Latest from the Healthy Lifestyles Blog


Feed Yourself Life - Tips for Eating with Intention

Feed Yourself Life  -  Tips for Eating with Intention
By: Naomi Hesse
How is it that food and eating have become such a prevalent source of unhappiness? And why has it occurred in an age with an abundance of food? The fundamental reason for our imbalance with food and eating is that we've forgotten how to be mindful as we eat; we eat based on cravings rather than intention.
Most...Read More

Pulses, Purine, Nightshades and Brassias

Pulses, Purine, Nightshades, and Brassicas Pulses, Purine, Nightshades, and Brassicas
There are lots of "Stranger Things" when we start talking about food and nutrition. This article is intended to define a few of the more obscure terms that people have been asking about. Especially, for those going through the 8WW program, you will occasionally see these terms mentioned. I have included a few links if you are interested...Read More